Floor Cleaner Neutral


Description: Floor Cleaner Neutral is to be used for cleaning and maintenance of polished stone and concrete surfaces. It is used for daily cleaning.

1. Floor Cleaner is highly concentrated pH balanced cleaner.

2.Can be used for regular maintenance of marble, granite, stone and tile.

3.Maintains high gloss on floor, can be used with regular mop or scrubbing machine.

4.pH balance ensures no residual effect.

Also Known As: Floor Cleaner, Marble Cleaner, Suface Cleaner, Liquid Floor Cleaner, Concentrated Floor Cleaner, Liquid Cleaner, Cleaning Liquid etc.

Instruction for Use: 

1. Dilute the Floor Cleaner Neutral with water in the ratio of 20 ml cleaner to 10 litres of water.
2. The floor can be mopped with a wet cotton mop and a wringer trolley or it can be scrubbed with a floor scrubbing brush.
3. Double the concentration if the floor is very dirty.
4. Do not dilute or mix with other products.

Areas of Application: It can be used for marble, granite, tile, concrete and wooden floors. Being a neutral
cleaner it does not dull the polish of the floor. 

Technical Data:

pH: 7 +/-1
DIlution: 20-40ml/10Ltrs of water
Shelf Life: 2 years

Color: Light Brown

Packaging: Available in 1Ltr and 5.1Ltr jerry cans.