Marble Epoxy

Surie Polex manufactures various kinds of specialized epoxy resin for marble. Marble is a natural material and many types of marble have cracks, pin holes and other surface imperfections that need to be treated. Apart from liquid epoxy resins, thick epoxy gels can also be used for fixing and installation of marble. Marble epoxy resin is a two component system. It is typically sold as a set of Part-A and Part-B. The ratio of part-A to part-B can be 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 etc. depending on the application. The biggest advantage of epoxy resin is its high bonding strength compared to other kinds of resin. Furthermore, epoxy is highly resistant to deterioration compared to other resin systems. This is why it is slowly becoming the preferred choice for fixing, joining, installing and filling of marble floors.

Marble Epoxy from Surie Polex is available as a colorless resin, a colorless gel and also in many colors. Apart from this pigments are also available from Surie Polex in various colors which can be added in small quantities to the marble epoxy to match the color of any stone.