Granite Epoxy

One of the main issues that is being faced in the granite industry is thin and microscopic cracks. These cracks pose a challenge for polyester resins as they cannot penetrate deep into the cracks, and if they are not able to penetrate deep enough, the much-needed strength and durability are missing from the material.

A lot of research and development went into the process to find what materials can be best suited for granite and the solution emerged that was most optimised in the form of epoxy systems. Various advantages were observed with the epoxy solutions as compared with other traditional solutions. The granite epoxy systems have shown the potential that they take a much longer time to harden up and this ability of epoxy resins helps it to get deep into the fissures, even the micro-fissures and it grants durability and strength that was not observed before. And since then, epoxy solutions have emerged as the go-to solution in the case of granite.

Surie Polex manufactures the entire range of granite epoxy, color converter and color enhancers. Granite epoxy is widely used for filling and repairing granite. Depending on the granite's strength and color special granite epoxy formulations are available. We have an in-house R&D team that is constantly working on creating new formulations and improving old formulations of granite epoxy based on customer feedback. Call us or send us a message with your requirements.