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Marble Polishing Pads

Surie Polex is India's largest manufacturer of Marble polishing pads are abrasive discs designed for the mechanical polishing of marble floors and surfaces. These pads are commonly used with floor polishing machines to achieve a smooth, glossy, and restored finish on marble. Here are the key uses and benefits of Surie Polex marble polishing pads on marble, Italian marble & other natural stone.

Removing Scratches and Imperfections: Marble polishing pads come in different grit levels, ranging from coarse to fine. Coarser pads are effective for removing scratches, etch marks, and other imperfections from the marble surface.

Leveling Uneven Surfaces: Marble polishing pads can be used to level uneven surfaces on the floor. This is particularly important for achieving a smooth and uniform appearance, especially in high-traffic areas where wear and tear may create surface irregularities.

Restoring Shine and Luster: The finer grit polishing pads are used to bring out the natural shine and luster of the marble. As the pads progress from coarse to fine, they gradually refine the surface and enhance its appearance. Honing and Polishing: The process of using marble polishing pads often involves honing and polishing stages. Honing involves removing a thin layer of the marble to eliminate deeper scratches, while polishing brings out the desired level of shine.

Removing Stains and Discoloration: Polishing pads can help address surface stains and discoloration on marble floors. The abrasiveness of the pads, especially the coarser ones, can effectively lift and eliminate certain types of stains.

Improving Slip Resistance: While polishing enhances the aesthetic appeal of marble floors, it's important to note that highly polished surfaces can be slippery. Some marble polishing pads are designed to achieve a glossy finish while maintaining a degree of slip resistance for safety.


Sealing Preparation: Polishing is often a precursor to applying sealant on marble surfaces. Polishing pads help prepare the surface by creating a smooth and receptive substrate for the application of sealants that enhance stain resistance and protect the marble.

When using marble polishing pads on floors, it's essential to follow proper procedures and guidelines to avoid over-polishing or causing damage to the marble. Additionally, using the appropriate grit levels for the specific requirements of the floor and following a systematic process can help achieve the desired results without compromising the integrity of the marble.