Metal Fickert Diamond Abrasives


Metal Fickert is the name given to metal bond diamond abrasives that are manufactured in Fickert shape. Surie Polex is India’s largest manufacturer of Metal Fickert diamond abrasives. We manufacture the complete range of Metal Fickert for grinding of granite and engineered quartz. The Metal Fickerts are available in hard, medium and soft bonds depending on the granite or engineered quartz. Our Metal Fickert abrasives are known for their free cutting properties. They are available in two standard sizes of 140mm and 170mm. Metal Fickerts are mostly used on slab polishing machines, auto polishing machines and line polishing machines. Our customers can choose the Metal Fickert based on the type of Fickert head their machine has. For example, there is a slight difference in the taper of a Comes Fickert head and a Breton Fickert head. Surie Polex manufactures Metal Fickert for both these types of Fickert heads.

Feel free to browse through all the options and if you're still confused just send us a message with your requirements and we will tell you which of our Metal Fickerts best suits your requirements.