Marble Polishing Machines


Surie Polex manufactures the complete range of marble polishing machines. We are the only Indian manufacturer to make planetary grinding machines, geared grinding machines and belt driven grinding machines for grinding and polishing of marble floors. In our product range you will find floor polishing machines and marble polishing machines starting from a motor power of 1hp all the way to 10hp. Some of our floor/marble polishing machines are even CE certified and are exported all over the world. Marble polishing machines must be chosen based on the specific needs of each project. So whether your project is small or large we have the marble polishing machine for you.

Our Most Popular Marble Polishing Machines are:

Floor Polisher – This is a legacy product and one that we are very proud of. It is a powerful workhorse that we have been manufacturing for more than 30 years. Over the years there have been many improvements but the basic design and structure has stayed the same. The Floor Polisher is a belt–driven machine with a powerful 3hp single phase motor. It is ideal for removing lippage, grinding and polishing.

Single Disc – The single disc is a popular machine for polishing floors with diamond pads and floor pads. It is a light weight and easy to transport machine that can grind, polish and buff floors. It also fits brushes and can be used for cleaning floors and carpets. Many of our customers use this machines for regular maintenance of their facilities.

Apart from these popular options we have many more marble polishing machines and floor polishing machines listed here. Feel free to browse through all the options and if you're still confused just send us a message with your requirements and we will tell you which of our marble polishing machine best suits your requirements.