Densifiers For Concrete


Surie Polex manufactures three types of densifiers for concrete:

  1. Lithium Silicate based,
  2. Sodium Silicate based, and
  3. Hybrid Silicate based (a blend of Lithium Silicate and Potassium Silicate).

Concrete densifiers make the concrete floor harder and denser. Silicates inside the concrete densifier react with the free limes (Calcium Hydroxide) in concrete to form Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH). The formation of CSH is what makes the concrete denser and prevents dusting.

Densification is a critical step in the concrete polishing process. First the concrete grinding takes place up to 200 grit resin pads. Then the concrete densifier is applied. It is allowed to cure for 12-24 hours and subsequently the concrete polishing takes place.

The process of densification makes the concrete more durable and abrasion resistant. This process is recommended for all types of concrete floors be they industrial, commercial or residential.

Feel free to browse through all the options and if you're still confused just send us a message with your requirements and we will tell you which of our Concrete Densifiers best suits your requirements.