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Marble Polishing Powders

Marble Polishing Powders

Surie Polex makes various types of polishing powders for marble. Marble Polishing Powders are often also called Marble Crystallizers. The main function of marble polishing powders is to increase the shine of the marble. These powders are mostly applied with single disc machines. They are used at the end of the polishing process after all the diamond pads have been used and are normally the last step.

The main types of marble polishing powders manufactured by Surie Polex are:

  1. Z-XTRA
  3. N2ZX
  4. MPZ

To know more about each of these powders you can click on the link for that powder. All the marble polishing powders above are very easy to use. Depending on the type of polishing machine, the type of marble and the area to be polished the correct marble polishing powder can be chosen. To know which is the right marble polishing powders for your application please contact us.