Saw Blade

Surie Polex Granite saw blades are embedded with small, industrial-grade diamond segments along the cutting edge. Diamonds are the hardest known material and are capable of cutting through the hard granite surface.

These blades come in 4 inch diameters to fit on cutting tools, such as angle grinders or circular saws.

The core of the saw blade has been made of various materials, including steel, to provide stability and support to the diamond segments.

Surie Polex Granite saw blades are designed for wet cutting. Wet cutting blades use water to reduce heat and dust.

Surie Polex Granite Saw Blades come with a recommended maximum 13600 RPM (rotations per minute) which ensure safety and optimal performance.

When selecting a granite cutting saw blade, it's essential to consider the blade's diameter, rim type, arbor size, and compatibility with your cutting equipment. Proper selection and usage can help achieve precise and clean cuts when working with granite.