Bottom Surface Sealer


This impregnating sealer gives unmatched protection against water & oil based stains. It also provides excellent water and dirt repellency on natural stones. It allows moisture vapor transmission & is UV resistant.

Description: Bottom Surface Sealer is a specially formulated deep penetrating sealer that prevents moisture from entering the stone from below after it has been laid. It may be used for interior or exterior application.

Method of Application: Surface must be clean /dry. Prepare a small test patch to check coverage. Natural stone is unique & color enhancem,ent is possible. Shake well before use. Avoid direct sunlight & moisture untill the developement of repellency. To ensure deep penetration apply 2-3 coats. Apply each coat fully and evenly with the brush, roller, spraying device or fluff free cloth. Remove surplus material with suitable cloth or fabric. Repellency begins after a few minutes but the product is fully cured after 12-24 hrs.
Ventilation for 2-3 days is must in food areas.

Keywords: Stone Sealer, Floor Sealer, Floor Sealent, Suface Sealer etc.

Areas of Application: It can be used on the bottom surface of all natural and composite stones such as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, terrazzo, concrete etc.

Technical Data:  Coverage: 1-15m 2/Ltr depending upon the absorption coefficient of the stone.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

Color: Colorless.

Packaging: Available in 1 Ltr cans.

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