Floor Sealers

This impregnating sealer gives unmatched protection against water & oil based stains. It also provides excellent water and dirt repellency on natural stones. It allows moisture vapor transmission & is UV resistant.

METHOD OF APPLICATION :- Surface must be clean /dry. Prepare a small test patch to check coverage. Natural stone is unique & color enhancem,ent is possible. Shake well before use. Avoid direct sunlight & moisture untill the developement of repellency. To ensure deep penetration apply 2-3 coats. Apply each coat fully and evenly with the brush, roller, spraying device or fluff free cloth. Remove surplus material with suitable cloth or fabric. Repellency begins after a few minutes but the product is fully cured after 12-24 hrs.
Ventilation for 2-3 days is must in food areas.



Stone Sealer, Floor Sealer, Floor Sealent, Suface Sealer etc.