Bottom Surface Sealer - Water Based

Bottom Surface Sealer is a specially formulated water based deep penetrating sealer that is applied to the back side of the stone/tile. It prevents moisture and alkali from entering the stone/tile from below. As a result efflorescence and surface discoloration are avoided. It may be used for both interior and exterior application.


Method of Application:
1. The surface must be clean and dry. Prepare a small patch to check the coverage.
"2 Shake the container before using.
“3 Apply the product to the bottom surface/back side of the stone or tile using a brush, roller, sponge or spraying device.
4. Remove any extra material with a cotton cloth after 5 minutes.
5. Walt 30 minutes and then apply the second coat. Apply a third coat if the stone/tile is very porous.
6, Initial water repellence begins after a few minutes and the product is fully cured in24 hours.


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