Granite Tile Cleaner

-Cement Film Remover

Granite tile cleaner is a cement film remover used After installation of granite or tile on the floor. Granite Tile cleaner removes left over cement grout from the Floor. This cleaner retains gloss and shine of the Floor without harming the granite or tile.

Description: Granite Tile Cleaner is an excellent product used for removing the cement film from Granite and Tile surfaces.

Areas of Application: It can be used on granite, ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles. It is not to be used on Marble,
Mosaic etc. It is also suitable for cleaning surfaces stained by rust.

Instruction for Use: 

1. This is a ready to use product.
2. Pour on the floor and spread with a wiper. Let it take effect for 10 minutes.
3. Use a hard brush to remove stubborn cementitious stains.
4. Clean the floor with lots of water and use a wet and dry vaccum to mop up.
5. Repeat the process if required.
6. Do not dilute or mix with other products.

Technical Data: 

pH: 3 +/-1
DIlution: Ready to use
Shelf Life: 2 years

Color: Pale Yellow

Packaging: Available in 1Ltr and 5 Ltr jerry cans.