Trowel Polished Concrete System

Trowel Polished Concrete

Surie Polex has the complete Trowel Polished Concrete System. We provide the Trowel Polishing Diamond Pads, Trowel Polishing Pans with Planetary System, Concrete Densifiers, Concrete Sealers and Ride on Trowel machines.


What is Trowel Polished Concrete?

Ride on trowel machines were originally designed for trowelling a concrete floor during the concrete laying process. But by fitting diamond pads under the ride on trowel machines it is now possible to polish concrete using these machines. When a concrete floor is polished using a trowel machine it is called Trowel Polished Concrete


Advantages of trowel polished concrete 

1. The fastest way to polish concrete.

2.  It is cost efficient especially for large areas.


Disadvantages of trowel polished concrete.

1. Not suitable for old and damaged concrete floors.

2. It is not possible/advisable to do exposed aggregate concrete polishing.

When it comes to newly laid floors, trowel polishing of concrete is gaining fast acceptance around the world as it allows polishing contractors to complete the job faster. This allows clients to start their operations faster.