Gloex Powder

Cover adjoining fabric, plastic or parquet floors. Protect furniture from splashes. Use paste immediately after preparation. Wear gloves and rubber boots. Store the powder under dry conditions.

Method of Cryatallization: 1 part powder + 2parts water. Wet the surface, apply paste on surface. Buff the paste well into the stone with asingle disc machine and red pad; run the machine along any one side and then at right angle to it. As the paste begins to dry Hi-Gloss shine will appear. Spray small quantity of water if the powder dries up too fast. After the powder dries continue to buff with white pad to enhance gloss & utilise powder completely. Wash throughly after crystallisation with SURIE POLEX FLOOR CLEANER - NEUTRAL and Vacuum the floor dry.


Marble Polishing Powder, Floor Polishing Powder, Stone Polishing Powder, Marble Crystalising, Surface Polishing Powder etc.