Cover adjoining fabric, plastic or parquet floors. Protect furniture from splashes. Use paste immediately after preparation. Wear gloves and rubber boots. Store the powder under dry conditions.

Method of Cryatallization: 1 part powder + 2parts water. Wet the surface, apply paste on surface. Buff the paste well into the stone with asingle disc machine and red pad; run the machine along any one side and then at right angle to it. As the paste begins to dry Hi-Gloss shine will appear. Spray small quantity of water if the powder dries up too fast. After the powder dries continue to buff with white pad to enhance gloss & utilise powder completely. Wash throughly after crystallisation with SURIE POLEX FLOOR CLEANER - NEUTRAL and Vacuum the floor dry.



Marble Polishing Powder, Floor Polishing Powder, Stone Polishing Powder, Marble Crystalising, Surface Polishing Powder etc.