MPZ Marble Crystallizer

Use for the polishing & maintenance of Marble & Limestone floors. Use with a white pad & any single disc machine. The product provides a high gloss on marble and other calcareous stones. By crystallizing marble floors, they get more wear resistant and the acid sensitivity is reduced. Can also be used to re-crystallize high traffic areas of previously treated floors.


Application Procedure:

If the floor has visible scratches, repolish using 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grit diamond pads before crystallization. Use SURIE POLEX Floor Cleaner Neutral and clean the surface using single disc machine with red pad and then vacuum it. Ensure proper rinsing with water to remove all dirt particles. Prepare paste by taking 2 parts of product and 1 part of water. Use 40gm paste per m². Damp the floor using wet mopping. Ensure it is just moist and no excess water on floor. Spread the paste in the center of the application area. Place a single disc machine weighing a minimum of 50kg, fitted with a red pad directly on top of the paste. Begin spreading the paste equally over the entire area to be treated and buff for 3-4 minutes per m². Do not allow the paste to dry. Sprinkle a little water as required to maintain a creamy paste. At the end of crystallization dilute the slurry with fresh water and pick it up with a wet vacuum. Flood and agitate the section with plenty of SURIE POLEX Floor Cleaner Neutral solution to ensure the product is completely rinsed-off. Remove the solution with a wet vacuum. After the floor dries completely, dry buff with a single disc machine fitted with a soft white pad.



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