SP-1 Liquid Crystallizer

SP-1 Liquid Crystallizer is Used for the regular maintenance of marble & limestone floors. Used with a steel wool pad/white pad and a single disc machine. The product provides a high gloss on marble and other calcareous stones. By crystallizing marble floors, they get more wear resistant and the acid sensitivity is reduced. Can also be used to re-crystalize traffic areas of previously treated floors.



SP-1 Liquid Crystallizer is applied with a single disc machine and steel wool/white pads. Sparingly (max. 2-3 triggers of the spray device/m²) apply the product with a spray device or a hand sprayer and distribute with a single disc machine (150-200 rpm) by moving in circular motions until thoroughly absorbed and dry. A slight shine will be achieved. If a  shinier  surface is preferred, recrystallize the area once more with 3 triggers/m² and distribute with a single disc machine until thoroughly absorbed, dry and shiny. All abrasives and pad residue must be removed after crystallization by careful damp mopping or wet cleaning with Surie Polex Floor Cleaner Neutral. If a deeper shine is desired, the floor can then be buffed with a white pad and a high speed Burnisher.